Driftwood used in macrame wall hangings

All About Driftwood

Hello all and welcome to the first blog post!  I am learning and trying new things, which now includes blogging.  I feel like this is a viable way to get information out about a range of things. Today is all about Driftwood.

I want to touch on where I get it, how I get it, the processes in between it's journey in nature to your home. 

I collect driftwood from many locations, mostly at this point in and around the Calgary area.  Most often it is from the Bow River, from the riverside parks and pathways in the city.  Sometimes it's from places where I camp, like Waiporous Creek.  Sometimes friends and family finds a cool piece and bring it to me.  It is important to me not to clear out an area.  Take a little from here, a little from there, and leave a whole lot behind.  I can't say I know the in depth role driftwood plays in the ecosystem, but from what I do know about foraging, you don't clear out an area of one thing.  For each one thing taken, make sure many are left. 

The wood is left outside for a couple days, and then brought in.  I wash each piece in very hot water, with a scrubber and soap, to clear away mud, debris, dirt, bugs and bacteria. Typically, I give it a couple rounds to be sure it's good and clean.  Often the texture and patterns on the wood reveal themselves at this point, which is a pretty cool added bonus. 

I haven't had to sand any pieces down, though if it was requested I would do so.  Most pieces are already smooth and weathered enough, splinters and ragged edges aren't a worry.

Why do I use driftwood? I love the natural elements it brings into a piece.  Each one is unique.  I love a good straight driftwood, but the ones with twists, branches, stubs, bends, those are the good ones.  They force me to think outside the box.  They add character to a piece, add individuality to a piece.  They're proof of the beauty nature can provide. Being able to create with that it a pretty awesome experience!

If you have any questions about the process, any suggestions, I'm all ears! 

Thank you for reading!