Recycled Packaging For the Win

We all love a beautifully wrapped package.  It's also really nice when that package is sustainable.  In a world full of Amazon, there's cardboard and plastic abound.  Reusing all this saves plenty of waste.  Much of the plastic used is too thin to be properly turned into something else.  My spouse is a pretty big online shopper, to be honest.  And I have been known to get a book or two.  All this packaging is reused to send you your packages.  That plastic doesn't end up in a landfill quite yet.  Packing paper can be sourced from friends and family who have recently moved. Boxes can be from Amazon, yes.  You can also get them from your liquor store and dollar store. Often people have these up on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji for free as well.  If you have an excess of packaging supplies, post them.  Keep the chain going.  These things may seem minor, but it all adds up when we do it together.  The bags we use are made from recycled paper, and some also come from local people who had an excess.  Yes, these can also be found on online markets!  They can be purchased from companies that prioritize sustainability as well, working on leaving less of a foot print, or using all recycled materials. Wandering Stone may not have the fanciest or most colorful packaging, but this also leaves a blank slate.  Did you know you can ask for a personal message to written on the packaging?  Is it a gift, perhaps for a birthday, Christmas? Whatever the occasion, an inscription is often encouraged, free of charge!  It adds a personal touch to the packaging.  It can also be left blank, with a note included inside instead, so the packaging can be reused easily again and again. 

No matter whether we're packaging something for you, or you're packaging something of your own, try to use these simple ideas.  Because recycling and reusing is the coolest thing you can do.