Set in Calgary, Alberta, where the prairies meet the mountains, lives Candice Martinuk. With her hubby and daughter, she's often found in creating in her workspace, sitting under the big sky, cruising alleys for treasure, or reading a book with a mug of coffee.

Wanting to show others how regular items can level up a space unique ways gave way to Wandering Stone Studio.  This is the place for the collection of old and odd and reused and recycled.

A large part of Wandering Stone is the desire to use a lot of upcycled and recycled materials.  Many materials have been broken down from things that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.  Doing this is not only a sustainable practice, but brings forward unique, one-of-a-kind products.  Materials from local, small, independent businesses are used as often as possible. Most of the cotton cord, metal findings, and vintage all supports other businesses and humans locally, so one purchase here supports many of us.

The love of collecting old stories, histories and character in the form of vintage home decor, and more, has happened since going to flea markets with Grandma as a little girl.  It's led to using vintage to individualize a space, and come up with new ways to take that further. Using a vintage casserole dish holder for a succulent plant tray or a mid century magazine rack as a toilet paper holder steps out of the box.  Pushing the boundaries of intended uses is rather exciting and gives your home something totally unique.

Intention is a large part of life, and thus every piece, whether it's created or curated, is set with the intention to bring happiness, good vibes, and uniqueness into a home.