Commissions are open!

Wanting a completely unique piece, made just for you, or someone you know? A commission is the way to go. Working together, we join forces to create the perfect item. 

Reach out, and see what's possible.

To start, contact Wandering Stone through:

  • messaging through Facebook (Wandering Stone Studio)
  • messaging through Instagram (@wanderingstonestudio)

A consultation will be set up, to collaborate and pare down what's wanted and needed.  This can be a video call, phone call, hammered out over messages, whatever works best for you.  Some questions that'll be asked will be:

  • price point
  • size of piece
  • colors
  • styles
  • time line
  • shipping, pick up, or delivery
  • any additional elements wished to be included

Pictures of pieces that you like, of anything that is inspirational to you, such as nature, or a color scheme are more than welcome!  It's a great point to jump off from.  Though, I will let you know, I do not copy another artist's work.  It would be wise to contact that person for that piece instead.  

From there, a sketch will be drawn up and colored.  Approval from you sets it in motion.  All along the journey, updates will be sent, so you can see how it's coming together and add any changes.

Want to see some examples?  Check out @wanderingstonestudio on Instagram or Facebook to see past pieces, and gather some ideas.

I look forward to working with you!!


Previous Commissions: