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Wandering Stone Studio

Afghan Throw Pillow

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Not rare, but not common either, afghan throw pillows are a treasured find.  Each side has the four colors reminiscent of the 70's home decor we've come to love.  Soft and full, this pillow will give your other pillows a run for their money.  On a couch, chair, bed, wherever it may live, it's going to add that retro flair.


There are no tags to be able to know it's history, or it's exact age.  It is clear that this pillow is authentic, and that afghan cover is likely handmade.  The colors and style are indicative of the 1970's, maybe the 80's.  It's in pretty good shape, with only a couple small strands loose. This doesn't afffect the pillow, or unravel it.  These are shown in the pictures.  The afghan cover is loose around the pillow, but not excessively so.  Otherwise it's in working order.  This item, like the other fabric items, has been laundry stripped.  Retro and really clean! Yes please!

This is a used, vintage item.  It is sold As Is.  This throw pillow is in very good condition, especially for it's assumed age.  If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.


15.5 inches X 15.5 inches

6.5 inches - wide