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Alfred Meakin England

Alfred Meakin England Set

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Two small plates and a saucer does this set make.  Fine bone china used to a big deal, often used for guests and special occasions.  Now small left over pieces like the can be used all around the home to add a hint of vintage finery.  They're your ring holder, candle holder, plant tray, key dish, soap dish, crystal dish.  Vintage is so much more when it's repurposed and reimagined and put to use in a different kind of way. 

All pieces are stamped on the bottom Alfred Meakin England.  The pattern is referred to as Rose Bower.  This was one of they're best selling patterns, coming out around 1945.  Alfred Meakin was set up in 1875 and ran for just over a 100 years, passed down through the generations.  It was also associated with Royal Albert Pottery, which was also very popular in it's day.   There is a small chip on the edge of the saucer, but otherwise all pieces are in very good condition.  There are some glaze defects on the bottoms, as well as some splattering of the gold.  The crystals, plants and jewelry are not included in this purchase.

This is a vintage, used item, from approx. the 1960's.  It is sold AS IS.  The condition of this set is very good.  Any use or defects are shown in the pictures.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 



6.25 inches - diameter

0.75 inch - tall


5.75 inches - diameter

1 inch - tall