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Avon Collectible Cologne Decanter Car - 1923 Maxwell

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One of the more popular items in Avon's collectible decanters, the 1923 Maxwell was originally made around 1972-1973.  They typically contained Deep Woods aftershave.  The sticker that was on the bottom of this bottle is long gone, so I can only guess which cologne is in there.  It is full, to the top, though the seal has been broken.  This bottle is made with actualy green glass, compared to other styles, which were painted.

A bit of history on Avon itself...It was started in 1886 when a door-to-door book salesman started selling small vials of perfume.  Soon, the perfumes were outselling the books, leading to the Avon we know today.  In 1965, Avon started selling their figural decanters.  The first one was in the shape of a boot.  The most popular line happens to be the cars, like this one, sold containing men's cologne.  

The Maxwell, with it's authentic emerald glass, gives the right amount of vintage throw back to any dresser top, or bathroom vanity.  Though displaying these unique bottles anywhere gives that retro vibe to any room. 

This decanter, or cologne bottle, is in very good condition.  No chips in the glass or on the plastic.  There may be very minor scuffs, but none that have been noticed at this time.  The plastic roof and luggage (which is the end cap, holding the cologne in) are also in great shape.  No breaks, chips or scratches on those either.  The cologne itself definitely smells dated, but seems to be fine otherwise.

This is a used, vintage item.  It is in very good condition, and is sold As Is.  If you have any questions, or wish to see more photos, please contact me.  


6 5/8 inches - long

3 inches - tall 

2 1/2 inches- wide