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Avon Cologne Collectible Decanter Car - 1948 Chrysler

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The 1948 Chrysler Town and Country. A classic car in it's own right, but as a classic cologne decanter, this car brings retro into the home.  Set it up on the dresser,  add some color to the bathroom, throw a vintage vibe onto to any shelf.  Burgundy and Cream plastic with burgundy painted glass, this particular bottle was released by Avon between 1968- the late 1970's. 

A bit of history on Avon itself...It was started in 1886 when a door-to-door book salesman started selling small vials of perfume.  Soon, the perfumes were outselling the books, leading to the Avon we know today.  In 1965, Avon started selling their figural decanters.  The first one was in the shape of a boot.  The most popular line happens to be the cars, like this one, sold containing men's cologne.  

This bottle is in great shape, with no chips in the paint.  It has nary a scratch, but perhaps some light scuffing. The plastic top also has no chips or scratches, and fits on the car nicely.  Underneath the plastic detailing is the end cap to release the cologne.  The sticker is intact, on the bottom of the bottle, stating the model of car and the type of cologne.  This bottle has 4.5 fl oz of Wild Country, though after this many years, they generally all smell the same.  This bottle is full, but the seal has been broken.

This product is used, and vintage.  It is in great shape, and is sold As Is.  If you have any questions, or wish to see more photos, please contact me.


6 3/4 inches - long

2 3/8 inches - tall

2 3/8 inches - wide