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Blue Mountain Pottery

Blue Mountain Pottery Candle Holders

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**Only chipped holder available **


Blue Mountain Pottery candle holders are here for your multi purpose needs.  Of course, they're beautiful just as they are, with a candle in them.  The texture and colors in the glaze are so dimensional, so classic BMP.  The shape is like a leaf, a lovely nod to nature. There's always something authentic and grounded feeling to me about a true BMP piece.  I can see why they're increasingly sought after, especially as the company is no longer. 

As jewelry holders, it's almost like they were meant for it.  Rings and earrings fit perfectly in the candle hole so they don't get lost in the mix.  Whether it's silver or gold, or multi colored, it's a classic vintage piece for a dresser top or bathroom counter.  They're also great for air plants.  Vintage candle holders of any kind, in general, are my go-to for air plants.  It's cute.  It adds a touch of live greenery easily anywhere.  Pop a taper candle in there, add your favorite crystals, and you've got a esoteric dish going on.  Really, the ways you could use these are endless.  These candle holders are just a touch of vintage that can bring up a shelf, table, dresser.  They's simple and sleek, but authentic as heck.  They will fit right in with your retro vibes or modern decor.  Because BMP is cool like that.

These are in good condition.  One holder does have a chip in it, as shown in the pictures.  The glaze is shiny and lustrous, though there is some light crazing, which is typical of  ceramics this age.  

This is a pre-loved, used item.  It is sold AS IS.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


7 1/4 inches long

3 1/4 inches wide

1 5/8 inches tall