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Wandering Stone Studio

Blue Mountain Pottery Horse

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A rearing horse, feet in the air, mane back, hi-lighted in the glorious Blue Mountain Pottery's infamous Harvest Gold glaze.  A sight to behold.  As BMP shut down in 2004, these pieces are becoming more and more sought after, though you can still find them out and about, at fair prices. 

This horse has seen some things in it's life and has the battle scars to prove it.  There is a chip on the tail, shown in the pictures, that was covered.  The mane had a chip, which was glued back on.  This, too, is shown in the pictures.  It's not as noticeable as the tail, as the piece was put back in place.  There are no other chips or such.  There is some slight crazing in the glaze, as time passes, this tends to happen.  It's still in good shape and just looking for a home to blaze in.

This item is used and vintage.  It is sold AS IS.  It is in good condition.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


14 1/8 inches tall

9 1/2 inches wide

3 1/4 inches deep