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Canuck Ware Pottery

Canuck Ware Pottery Vase

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Candian Pottery is a lovely thing and this two toned vase in no exception.  We have the infamous Blue Mountain Pottery and Canuck Ware Pottery, both from the Eastern provinces. Canuck Ware was started in 1938 in St.Johns, NB by a James Foley.  The business was around until about 1970.  This piece is from around the 1960's to 70's.  Eclectic in it's design, yet useful.  Abstract, yet purposeful.  It's my belief that these products were used as a souvenirs across Canada.  This one has a gold inscription of Prince Albert, Sask.  I have seen others with different names on them.  It just adds to the  story and life of the piece.

It's in very good condition, with nary a chip in sight.  The bottom is stamped, with Canuck Ware a couple times.  The glaze has not lost it's lustre.  A fine piece indeed. 

This is a used, vintage and is sold AS IS.  It is in very good condition.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


8.25 inches - tall

5 inches - wide, overall