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Wandering Stone Studio

Dark Autumn Horseshoe Macrame

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 Late Autumn is full of rich browns, rustic reds, and deep yellows. The bright colors of early Fall have drained away, leaving us a landscape ready for Winter. This macrame is the cinnamon in your apple cider. It's the fading light in the evening. It's the warm welcome at your front door. 

As per any Wandering Stone handmade piece, the materials are mostly second-hand, reused or sourced, as best as possible, from local and/or small businesses.  Sustainability and community support, check!  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Not quite what you're looking for?  We can work together to make it!  


30 inches long

7.5 inches wide


Vintage Horseshoe, Recycled Cotton Cord, Second Hand Jute, Thrifted Florals, Hemp Cord, Adhesive