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Wandering Stone Studio

Diamond Dozen

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Want a retro feel but dig the new school macrame style?  This is your piece! 

The base is a vintage acrylic square hoop.  It would've been used for a macrame purse, or a towel holder, but here we like to flip things a little.  Tilted into a diamond, it became the basis for the repeating diamond pattern.  The marbling in the hoop is just a sight to behold.  It's layered colors and swirls are everything.  The retro '70's color palette is still soft but groovy.  There are two small Tiger's Eye pendants in the centers of the diamonds.  These tie together with the colors to bring grounded and protective energies.  Plus they're really dazzling.

As per any Wandering Stone handmade piece, the materials are mostly second-hand, reused or sourced, as best as possible, from local and/or small businesses.  Sustainability and community support, check!  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Not quite what you're looking for?  We can work together to make it!  


27 inches - long

9 inches - wide


thrifted vintage acrylic hoop, second hand acrylic yarn, recycled cotton cord, Tiger's Eye pendants