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Faberware Casserole Dish Holder

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A casserole dish holder used to come with a casserole dish and lid.  As often is the case with vintage items, things get lost or broken, leaving us with a little piece of an item.  These holders can still be quite useful and add some character to a space.  Put around a plant pot to give it some retro feels.  Use it as a hot dish holder, as it's original intention.  It can made into a hanging plant hanger, a wind chime. small circular shelf, when hung on the wall.  Put a silver platter on top and it's a fancy servinig tray!  These things are endlessly useful.

This holder is lighter in weight. It has no tarnish, despite it's age, which leads me to believe that is made from aluminum or tin, rather than silver-plated brass, copper or lead. The two handles are made of black bakelite. Originally, these were sold with a Pyrex casserole dish in them. There is no dish included with this item. It is stamped on the bottom, Farberware New York.

This is a used, vintage item. It is sold AS IS.  There are some slight signs of wear and tear, which is demonstrated in the photos.  This product is in good condition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


9.5 inches - from handle across to handle
7 inches - width of ring
3.5 inches - height from bottom of feet to top of handles