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Wandering Stone Studio

Floral Velvet Throw Pillow

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A stellar throwback to the days when oranges and yellows were the home decor staple.  Yes, that late mid century feel can be felt all the way through the velvet that covers this pillow.  On one side, you got rich, burnt reds and oranges, and on the other, those golden yellows.  If this doesn't scream retro vibes, I don't know what does.

This is not a pillow cover.  It sewn together. As shown in the pictures, the one seam has an creamy color stitching, while the others are sewn from the inside.  There is no zipper.  There are also no tags.  It can only be assumed it has high quality stuffing, as it's still got some major puff going on.  This pillow is in great condition, with no rips, tears or holes. Every seam is solid.  Someone out there must've had a plastic cover on this things for years.  

As with any of the fabric items, it has been strip washed, so you can rest your head easily knowing it's clean.  It is a used and vintage item and is sold As Is.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


19 inches X 15 inches

8 inches - height/puffiness