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Wandering Stone Studio

Flower + Moon Macrame

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A waning cressent moon, the moon phase before the new moon, representing release and reflection.  The spiraling cords showing us the cyclical nature of life and time.  The flowers show beauty and depth, the birth and rebirth.  Whether one is spiritual, or just enjoys the moon, this macrame can bring a bit of wonder to any home space.  Not so large you have to rearrange all the things, not so small it blends in, just right to add a touch of beauty to any space, any room, in the home. 

This piece is made with materials from local, small and independent businesses.  Together, supporting each other, we enhance the local community and economy.  When your home decor is this supportive, it means just a little bit more.  

The flowers are all handmade, showcasing a pop of turquoise and soft grey against the stark white of the moon.  A small Quartz point is snuggled in between them, because we all can use good vibes!  Recycled cotton cord makes up the moon itself, with it's own unique pattern.  Frayed edges softens the piece in a sort of ethereal glow.  As with any of the macrame Wandering Stone Studio makes, this is completely individual.  Another similar pieces may be made, but no one piece is ever duplicated.  Which ensures that every home is just a bit unique.


11.5 inches X 12 inches


brass metal hoops, recycled cotton cord, edging materials, burlap, wood bead, Quartz, adhesive