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Wandering Stone Studio

Flower Platter

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The debate in on!  Is it a flower? Is it a shell?  What's not for debate is the beauty of this platter!  

The emerald green glaze darkens and lightens giving it depth and dimension.  It's a bold color but the simple design makes it easy to pair.  Citrus fruits look divine with the contrasting color, but it serves well as a catch all in your entry, bathroom, on your dresser top.  Baked goods beckon you from the vibrant platter on your counter.  You get the idea.  It's very versatile vintage piece.

It is stamped on the bottom Holland Molds, DM 76.  .  Holland Molds was a big supplier of ceramic molds, starting in the mid-1940's.  Unfortunately, the industry started to shift to rubber molds in the '80's which lead to their closure in 1997.  Prior to their closing, they would provide mold to paint-it-yourself shops.  These seem to have been fairly popular in that day and age.  DM would be the painters initials and 76 is the year it was done in.  

This is a used and vintage item and does have some signs of wear, as shown in pictures.  There are 2 tiny chips, about 1mm big.  One of the chips, does have slight cracking beside it, but is surface.  There is some crazing in the glaze, but for it's age, it's quite minimal.  This item is sold AS IS.  If you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to contact me.


10 5/8 inches - wide

1 5/8 inches - tall