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Wandering Stone Studio

Horseshoe Macrame

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There is an old superstition that if you hang a horseshoe upwards, luck falls into the opening and gathers.  If it hung upside down, your luck will fall out.  So when gathering some luck, why not amplify it with some Quartz and give it some macrame to vibe it up.  Small enough to fit into your existing decor, you don't have to rearrange your whole wall to fit this little guy in.  Bringing in luck has never looked so lovely.

All materials used to make this piece come from small and/or local businesses.  The recycled cotton cord comes from a one-woman shop called Aster and Vine, out of Rossland, BC.  The Quartz comes from a gem shop located here in Calgary, that has been here since the 70's.  This one piece supports five businesses, including myself.  

All handmade items made by Wandering Stone Studio are not for resale purposes.  They are for sheer enjoyment by individuals who rather like a little uniqueness in their space.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


23 inches long

6.5 inches wide


recycled horseshoe, recycled cotton cord, silver wire, quartz, adhesive