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Wandering Stone Studio

Large Silver Platter

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This ornate tray is the silver you were looking for.  It's functionality matches it's beauty.  It can be used for so so many things.  Personally, I use them a lot on top of my dresser for perfume and jewelry, on my desk for my office supplies, and around the house to jazz up a plain plant pot.  Gadroon patterned sides gives it real vintage vibe from all sides.  How are you going to use it?

This platter does not have a stamp on the bottom.  It's highly likely that it would have been a reproduction piece from the 1970's, based on work done by WM. A. Rogers.  Gadroon is referencing the perforated pattern on the sides of this tray.  There is a filigree and flower etched into the bottom of the tray to further add to it's austerity.  The tarnish ranges from silver to gold, blue to purple.  There are no dings or dents.  Even the very bottom of the tray is free from deep scratches, and be shined to a gleam.  Plants, doily, crystals and office supplies are not included in this purchase.

This is a used, vintage product.  It's in very good condition and is sold AS IS.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


12.25 inches - diameter

1.25 inches - tall