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Wandering Stone Studio

Sand + Quartz

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Handmade Macrame Wallhanging with vintage vase. 

Hung on driftwood collected from the shores of the Bow River in Calgary, AB, this piece incorporates yarn, macrame and a functional vintage vase. The vase itself is clear glass, with that vintage diamond pattern that was oh so popular in the late 80's and early 90's. It can be used for dried flowers,  live flowers, plant clippings, all sorts of things really. The vase is held in place with handmade macrame, using premium cotton cord. This cord comes from a woman owned and operated small business out of Rossland, BC. So your support extends not only to one small business, but two! The yarn on this piece is also second hand. This wallhanging also features a glorious Quartz point, on a circular pattern. Circles are symbolic of all the cycles of life, that as one thing ends, another begins. Time is cyclical, not linear. Quartz enhances that energy. 


32 inches long

21.5 inches wide - driftwood

11.5 inches wide - hanging


Driftwood, acrylic yarn, premium cotton cord, Quartz crystal, vintage glass vase, adhesive