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Wandering Stone Studio

Scrappy Little Trees

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These little trees aren't only for your tree. Use on your windows, doors, plants, even hang it from your rearview mirror to add some festivity to your vehicle!  Evergreens, particularly in the winter season, help remind of us eternal life.  When everything else is dormant, the evergreen stands tall, holding it's color all year around.

These trees are made entirely of recycled cotton cord scraps.  The green is brushed out to create a nice fluffy tree.  A small little piece of Quartz acts as the star at the top.  Because who doesn't love adding a little crystal love to this time of Yule?! One of these has a zig zag knot pattern on the trunk while the other has a straight knot pattern.  The backs are very much the same to the front, just without the crystal. 

These are handmade items, and not meant for resale purposes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


8 inches long

4.5/5 inches wide


recycled cotton cord, Quartz crystal, adhesive