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Cluny WM.A.Rogers

Silver "Doily" Tray

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A cute, medium sized silver tray to add some vintage vibes to your home.  Silver trays are incredibly versatile.  Great for plant trays, for either one large pot, or several small ones.  Candles also look great.  The more common uses are for jewelry, or as a perfume tray. Any sort of odds and ends can be collected in here. Of course, a silver tray can be used for it's original intention of serving and partyware.  Imagine some crackers and cheese on this.  Doesn't it look fancy?  

This has it's original patina.  It's got a beautiful oil coloring, of blues, purples and yellows.  There are some odd spots, as shown in the pictures.  I like the old patina on my silver pieces, but they look just as great all shined up.  This tray is in great shape with no dents.  There is some scuffing on the bottom and underside, but no major scratches. It is stamped on the bottom, Cluny WM.A.Rogers S P Copper 8856. Cluny refers to the perforated pattern around the lip of the tray.  This pattern is what really makes this tray unique.  WM.A.Rogers is the maker.  S P Copper refers to silver plated copper.  Since this is a copper base, it's likely that this is from 1950's to 70's.  

This is a used, vintage product.  It is sold AS IS.  The plants, jewelry and crystals are not included.  They are intended to demonstrate some of the uses for this item.  The patina has not been tampered with.  This item in very good conditon.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


9.5 inches -  diameter

6.5 inches - diameter of interior area

5/8 of an inch - tall