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Wandering Stone Studio

Spring Embroidery Hoops

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The soft color palette is made with several textures, giving it depth.  The juxatpostion of the vintage metal embroidery hoops against soft cord and vintage lace is something else. The more you look the more you see.  And just for added fun, each piece has a pendant from Eclipse Artistry Co.  One features a hanging pendant with real florals and plants in it.  The glitter in it catches the sun playfully.  It can be turned to showcase your favorite side.  The other piece features a smaller clear pendant, that has glitter and clear pieces of quartz stone in it.  It twinkles in the light and brings the jazz.

Keeping in line with Wandering Stone ways, all materials were purchased from local and/or small businesses.  Many materials are second hand, including the hoops, cotton ribbon and jute.  And finally, this is the first set to include art from Eclipse Artistry Co, a lovely lady out of Kamloops,BC.  She does all sorts of resin artwork, not only pendants.  Keep an eye out for future collaborations!


Sand - 24 inches long

          - 6.25 inches wide

          - 1.5 inches deep

Cotton - 16 inches long

             - 7.5 inches wide

             - 1.5 inches deep


vintage metal embroidery hoops, recycled cotton cord, premium cotton cord, vintage lace, cotton ribbon, jute, Eclispse Artistry Co resin pendant, adhesive