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Vintage Sellotape Tin

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Vintage Sellotape Tin, with small finishing nails, sewing pins and pins. These items were in the tin so for authenticity, they have been left in. They can be removed, if requested. Isn't this what was done back in the day though? So many things came in tins and those tins were saved to hold hold all types of other things. It also came with the sticker on the front and so it shall stay. It continues the story and adds to the character.  Otherwise, in excellent shape. This tin is from the 1950's. The red, black and white cans are a more rare find. The blue tins were much more common. 

Sellotape started out back in the late 1930's, in England.  The name is derived from Cellophane, which was trademarked so the C changed to an S and a new brand was born. Another famous brand name in Cellulose tape is Scotch tape. Later on, manufacturing also took place in Canada, more specifically Ontario, as stated on the can.

This is a used, vintage item and does show some wear, despite being in very good condition, especially considering its age. It is sold As Is, not for intent of resale, but for enjoyment purposes. 


I 7/8 inch diameter

1 1/8 inch tall